My kind of media exploration

A bit of the back story

Æther was supposed to be everywhere. It’s this old premise of an “all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerly postulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves”

It rang a chord in me.

I immediately connected it with my thoughts of media. When I started radio school I snapped up “ethernick” as a digital presence and I’ve been running with it since.

I’ve always been involved with media, professionally and personally. I’ve come to the realization that I have a tendency to think about it a little differently. Does differently mean I’m on the misguided side? Maybe. Public discussion should fix that.

Does it mean I’m the crazy one in the room? Sometimes. I’ve gotten used to saying things and hearing crickets. So much, that I’ve learned how to whistle like a cricket. (Feel free to ask some day)

What can you expect from this?

I’m a bit of an armchair media ecologist:

  • The content of any medium has no relevance: the medium is the message
  • Having a web development background, I believe Facebook & Twitter are not separate mediums. (Yes — this requires a longer debate)
  • I will talk about McLuhan, Postman, and other brainy people.

I’ve got sociologist tendencies.

  • While the specific content doesn’t matter, the sociological affects do.
  • The difference between Apple and Microsoft is Bill Gates and Steve Jobs even long after they are gone.
  • Academic sociology has a history with socialism. As a Canadian, I teeter socialist from time to time

I’m a freak for similes, metaphors and allegories.
Twitter is like a city street
I’ve taught the fundamentals of the internet using a phone and a phonebook
I was brought up by a born again hippy with the help of a rogue native elder that thought the white folk should “learn this stuff to”. Every spring I read the story of Jumping Mouse.

I’m doing this to learn and discuss
By no means am I an authority, nor will anything I write be the final word or my final opinion on anything. I want to use media to explore media, in my own way. Hopefully that will create a discussion and maybe that discussion will make a difference.